Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Dotted Line Collaborations is a full-service advertising and branding agency, solving big brand problems from our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. We are tight-knit group of advertising and branding leaders whose experience ranges from big, global companies to small, scrappy start-ups. Though we have every personality from wild and crazy to graceful and tough, every single one of us loves plunging headfirst into branding challenges and then creating our way out of them. We’re excited to meet you, and even more excited to meet your brand.

Our Core Team

John Kemper

John Kemper
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Understand your end game and have a comprehensive plan to get there. That’s the key to success that John Kemper lives by, after over four decades of growing, buying, and selling business consulting companies.

For years, John was a business advisor who worked for other people. But in the ’90s, he made the conscious decision to become an independent business leader. That was his end game, and to get there he became a partner in a company and eventually an owner. He sold that business and bought it back again, selling it two more times. The last sale was to a Fortune 400 company.

Today, John strategically advises Dotted Line Collaborations on developing and improving the company. He is also passionate about Richmond’s vibrant entrepreneurial community, investing in growth organizations, serving on the board of numerous nonprofits, and strategically consulting with other high-potential start-ups like Dotted Line Collaborations.