From Personal Experience
to Personal Brand


Virginia Women’s Center had built an esteemed practice, loved by their patients, and known for excellent doctors, nurses, and the personalized care they provide. But their brand perception felt cold and dated — completely at odds with the in-person patient experience.


After thoughtful conversations with doctors, patients and other consumers, our team relaunched the brand with an updated look, feel, and voice. At every touch point, the communication was designed to feel smart and inviting, trustworthy, and human — just like the staff at VWC. Now the VWC brand is one the doctors, nurses, and staff can be proud of — one that is magnetic to patients old and new. And VWC now has the structure in place to expand their messaging and gain even more market share since they finally connected the dots between what they do best and how they communicate it.

Virginia Womens Center Brand Book
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“Dotted Line Collaborations delivered so much more than a logo and website to us. They transformed our cold, out-of-date branding into a warm, welcoming story that our clients can feel before they even walk through our doors. I have had the privilege of watching Dotted Line grow their business and build their team; each person has amazing talent that adds so much to their team. Their gift for storytelling through branding that is so rare these days — I would recommend them in a heartbeat!”

Lorelle Myer, Marketing Director, Virginia Women’s Center

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