From Newcomer
to Trusted Partner


N1 Health’s concierge medicine offered a personalized patient experience unlike any other in the Williamsburg area. However, since N1 Health was new to the area, the residents needed a compelling messaging to try the new practice.


Knowing that women make most decisions regarding healthcare for their families, we brought together a team of experts in healthcare and marketing to women. We started by developing a new brand message that incorporated the company’s strengths into its value proposition. We then created work to support that brand message, as well as a calendar and strategy for rolling out the creative before, during, and after the big launch. The community embraced the new practice, and the center attributed a 20-30% sales increase to our work.

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“We have been working with Dotted Line Collaborations for over a year and a half on everything from strategic planning, content marketing, design and branding. I am constantly amazed at the variety of services that their capable team can offer and their unique, creative content has delighted both our physicians and our customers. Hiring Dotted Line has given me the time to focus my attention on running the operations of the business, which is an invaluable gift. Thank you Dotted Line team!”

Brian Hamilton, CEO, n1Health

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