You may have noticed some changes taking place at Dotted Line. We’ve taken the jackhammers to our space, and we’re wiping the slate clean with a new look all around. The short story is we’re evolving. And we’re doing it so we can better live our purpose and serve our clients.


We believe the best brands evolve by tapping into what makes them great and then building their story from the inside out. And that caused us to pause and reflect on our own purpose. Here are the key truths that are the core of who we are and the anchors we’re holding onto.


We built it this way because it’s better for you.

Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes it’s just clutter. The right minds with the right insights in data and consumer learnings can bring clarity to the biggest business problems without all of that. We offer integrated brand and marketing capabilities using a consultancy approach. Our dedicated core team, working together with a diverse creative talent pool, equals just the right mix for you, our clients.


Created by people, for people to love.

The most successful brands connect products or services to customers in unique, authentic ways that start with an idea. We offer human experiences created by people, for people to love.

We are a human voice for creativity, and we love our work because our work spreads that love.


It’s time for a fresh perspective.

We’re a creative marketing team that will evolve to suit your needs. Our focus is on mid-size companies that dream of being center stage. If you work with us, you’ll work with humans who’ll connect with you and get to know you – and your business – before doing anything else.


Over the next month, you’ll see our story woven into our new brand, and you can expect an invitation to experience it in our new space.


We hope you’ll join us.


"Lauren Sweeney"