The Possibility of “New”


The end of the year is always a hustle of activity. Teams are finalizing strategic imperatives. The pressure is on to lock down budgets for the new year. All this while we’re trying to cram in every holiday celebration we can between the Thanksgiving turkey and New Year’s Day. It’s like the dwindling days of the year can never be stuffed full enough with new ideas, projects and last-minute demands.


As a child, I remember tirelessly asking my parents on long road trips, “Are we there yet?” After I asked about 20 times in two hours, my parents would become exasperated. Who wouldn’t? The answer didn’t change – but I continued to push, hoping for something different. So much of year-end can take on that same sense of frustration. We’re always pushing. Always hoping for more.


As we settle into the days after January 1, there is a sense of calm – at least for a hot minute. There is quiet during those first few weeks of a new year when leaders are able to breathe again, and co-workers settle back into routines.


It’s a valuable opportunity to take a pause – and to use that pause to consider a fresh perspective. It’s a perfect chance to marvel at what could beand consider new possibilities.


In our short space of quiet time at Dotted Line, we’ve settled on three things we believe are worth considering in 2019 as we discover how possibility can shift our thinking when it comes to “New.”


  • Possibility takes courage to try a different way of thinking. Courage takes vulnerability to be open to new ideas and possibilities. Sometimes those new ideas can become defining moments for your brand. Keep your eyes and mind open.


  • Possibility requires an optimistic outlook regarding your brand’s potential. Considering the possibilities isn’t for those who like to enjoy the safety of the comfort zone. It takes drive and knowing there’s always a new answer to the question, “Are we there yet?”


  • Possibility opens the door to be a leader in your space. Industry leaders push and hope for a little bit more every day. Small steps over time mean big moves. Continuing to ask ourselves how we can be better and do better is the start of new and better things.


So as this valuable time draws to a close – as project status meetings, data analysis and branding brainstorms kick back into high gear – use it to pause and determine how you can keep a fresh, open mindset for your brand in the new year. Are youthere yet? Dig in now and develop some bold answers to that question.


Lauren Sweeney is the Founder and CEO of Dotted Line Collaborations, an integrated marketing agency solving big brand problems from our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. When Lauren’s not providing strategic direction for the firm or delivering results for our clients, Lauren is outdoors enjoying all that Richmond has to offer or traveling to a new and exciting destination.