Lauren Embraces Ambition: Why She Founded Dotted Line


Below is an excerpt from Lauren’s application submission for The Tory Burch Foundation’s prestigious Fellowship Program as to why she started Dotted Line Collaborations. #EmbraceAmbition

“From the time I was a young girl, qualities such as passion, integrity, and focus have been important to me. I gravitated toward opportunities to lead, including serving as captain of my high school tennis team, being an active member of student government and starting an after-school support program for middle school girls. My focus on leadership continued while I was in college, where I took on leadership roles in my sorority and in my church.

My grandfather further fueled my passion for leadership and showed me the impact that great leaders and entrepreneurs can have on the world. As an entrepreneur, my grandfather started and grew a successful oil and gas company in southern Virginia. He would often share with me stories of the challenges of running and growing a business, and the great responsibility that comes with being the boss.

When my grandfather passed away several years ago, the true weight and meaning of his lessons sank in for me. At the funeral, I was surrounded by hundreds of members of the community who came to share the positive impact my grandfather had had on their lives and their families. I realized in that moment that being a leader and entrepreneur wasn’t just about being successful for yourself; it was also an opportunity to improve the lives of those around you. I knew in that moment that my calling was to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps.

In the years that followed, my understanding of my grandfather’s lessons expanded as I met with other leaders and studied other successful businesses. I began to develop a strong passion for and belief in the power of collaboration. I realized that, although my grandfather put in a lot of hard work, he had also counted on other people. Some people you learn from. Others can learn from you. And still, others can be partners as you navigate the exciting world of business ownership. But in the end, it’s all about collaboration.

Today, as I run Dotted Line, I realize that our collaboration isn’t limited to the work we do today for our clients; it’s about our team and those whom we impact with our business. I believe in helping those around me- helping other businesses succeed with original and innovative brand and marketing ideas, developing jobs and sharing opportunities for work, and giving back with my time, talent, and treasure for future generations in the community. I can thank my grandfather for my understanding at a young age how important these things are.

Three years after launching my company, Dotted Line Collaborations continues to be successful of the collaborative approach we take to serving our clients, our team members, and our community.”


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