From Start to Phenomenal


A creative and economic renaissance was underway in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond’s leaders — innovators, entrepreneurs, government officials, educators, and CEOs — recognized the need to capitalize on this momentum and never let it wane. Led by Virginia Biotechnology Research Park and Virginia Commonwealth University, the group came together to determine how to connect and promote the Richmond region’s innovation and entrepreneurship. Because while the area was growing more vibrant every day, the only way to amplify the growth was to understand the entrepreneurial ecosystem, develop thoughtful opportunities for the future, and communicate them in a way that makes Richmond a magnet for even more innovation.



The city’s leaders enlisted Dotted Line Collaborations to conduct an extensive assessment of the current entrepreneurial environment. And we mean extensive: focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and a digital survey that was distributed to thousands of start-ups and innovators in and around Richmond. Through this, we gained a much fuller understanding of this community and what sets our region apart for them. We learned that in our entrepreneurial region, we will dream big and work together so amazing ideas become a reality. The power of many will drive innovation success. Armed with this data, we developed a new name, tagline, identity system and brand story that was true to Richmond and differentiating on a national level. Better yet, the assessment and campaign succeeded in bringing together thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators in the Richmond region and setting them up for limitless mutual success.




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