The Challenge:  For over 50 years, Duff and Cox has been a beloved dental practice. They’ve provided care for generations of families, which is evidenced by their deep roots in the Richmond community. Because they focus on their patients, not their marketing, Duff and Cox’s branding did not reflect the excellent patient experience. One of personal commitment and care. And the minimal marketing they did undertake was disjointed and lacked a sense of brand personality.

The Solution: After a deep analysis of the existing brand and reputation, the Dotted Line team implemented a brand refresh that would showcase the dentists’ history and deep community connections. It started with a custom typeface, delightfully designed to look like molars, a bright new look, and friendly language. Since the practice is built on personal relationships, their communications would now have the familiar feel of a warm conversation. Dotted Line brought the brand experience to life with interior design concepts, collateral redesign, an updated social media approach, and weekly social media consultations. The brand refresh also extends all the way into experiential programs, like the “No-Cavity Club” for kids — rounding out a new brand presence inspired by and built for a community of smiling patients.