Earlier this month, The Tory Burch Foundation, an organization that supports and empowers female entrepreneurs, launched a campaign called Embrace Ambition. The campaign encourages women to own their ambition, embrace their drive, and define what motivates them. After reading the stories of many of these inspiring women from all over the country, we realized how many female leaders we have in our own community that embraces their ambition every day. They are business owners and leaders, mothers, activists, role models and visionaries.

We would like to introduce you to the women who inspire us at Dotted Line to embrace our own ambition. These women represent industries all over the city and took the time to share with us the one word that describes their drive. They are:


Katherine Wintsch, CEO, The Mom Complex

Katherine is bound and determined to make an impact on the world by bringing the passion and pain points of motherhood to the forefront of the male-dominated marketing industry. Katherine is truly changing the landscape for some of today’s biggest brands. The one word that describes her drive is Impact.


Stinson Mundy, Founder, Linden Legal Strategies

Stinson Mundy would describe herself as a “small business strategist. big picture thinker.” Acting as a true partner to small businesses, she understands what it takes to build, grow and protect a business which is why she has spent over 10 years helping companies solve business problems. The one word that describes Stinson’s drive is Bold.


Ciara Allen, Owner, Ciara’s Family Affair

As a single mom, Ciara Allen needed to support her four children, but she couldn’t find a job that paid her enough and left enough time to spend with her children. With her determination to dream big, and her drive to make things happen, Ciara turned her vision into a successful reality and founded Ciara’s Family Affair, a local housekeeping service. With her warmth and hospitality, Ciara will take care of your home or office as if it’s her own, and build lasting relationships along the way. The one word that describes Ciara’s drive is Family.


Natalie Gordon, Owner, Avenue 42

When Natalie thought her career in law was ready to take off, her subsequent journey wound up taking many twists and turns and led her to search for her true passion and purpose in life. Today, Natalie is the owner of Avenue 42 Style Studio, where she and her team commit themselves to bringing out the beauty of others both on the inside and out. The one word that describes Natalie’s drive is Inclusive.


Kendra Feather, Restaurateur, The Roosevelt & Laura Lees

Without ownership experience or even a car for that matter, Kendra Feather took a leap of faith at the age of 28 and opened her first restaurant in Richmond. Nearly 20 years later, five restaurants to her name, and awarded Restaurateur of the Year, Kendra continues to blaze her own trail and bring new restaurants to the city that have locals and visitors lining up outside the door. The one word that describes Kendra’s drive is Luck.


Carrie Roth, CEO, Virginia Biotechnology Research Park & Innovation Council

As the CEO to one of the top research and development centers in the state, Carrie Roth works every day with entrepreneurs, business executives, and CEOs like herself, to provide laboratories, research facilities, and access to everything they need to help their businesses in life sciences grow and improve health and wellness around the globe. The one word that describes Carrie’s drive is Purpose. 


At Dotted Line Collaborations, we feel privileged to be among the Top 30 Finalists for the Tory Burch Foundation Fellowship Program. With your vote, our Founder and CEO, Lauren Sweeney will have the chance to be a Foundation Fellow. The Fellowship includes yearlong access to mentorship opportunities, a $10,000 education grant, a 3-day workshop at Tory Burch headquarters in New York City, and the opportunity to pitch to a panel of judges to receive a $100,000 grant investment.

With your vote, Lauren will not only have the opportunity to be one of the ten women selected for the Fellowship program, but she will also serve as a voice for women business leaders and Richmond entrepreneurs among top industry leaders from across the nation. Please remember to cast your vote once per day, every day until April 4th: http://bit.ly/2nwlsg6.





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