Client Success: UnBoundRVA

UnBoundRVA is a nonprofit organization in Richmond that supports aspiring entrepreneurs from low-income communities by providing them with the path to owning their own business. Since its founding, UnBoundRVA has provided many talented, local individuals with the chance to not only pursue their dream but create jobs throughout the community. With the organization’s growth, UnBoundRVA needed a new website that would serve multiple purposes in a streamlined way.

  • Better promote the newly launched businesses
  • Provide a straightforward interface to show users how easy it was to get involved with the organization
  • Simplify the application process for the program


Action Plan 

Dotted Line Collaborations teamed up with the UnBoundRVA team to develop a new website that would do just this.

First, Dotted Line Collaborations met with the members of the UnBoundRVA team to establish their vision and dreams for the brand. We then designed and developed a mobile-friendly, multi-page website that focused on the group’s three target audiences:

  • Potential entrepreneurs
  • Donors and volunteers
  • Business supporters

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.53.11 PM


With the target audiences in mind, we were able to create a site architecture that made it easy for users to navigate the site with interactive features that drew users into learning more about the organization.

Dotted Line Collaborations also developed a series of custom images and graphics for the site that would explain the value of the organization to that target audience in the form of visuals.



Finally, we developed new content that delivered the core mission and vision of the organization.



  • UnBoundRVA can now visually demonstrate the value proposition of the organization on the web.
  • With this new site, donors, applicants, and volunteers can clearly understand how to get involved with UnBoundRVA, which streamlines the organization’s communication flow between marketing and operations.
  • The website’s new responsive build makes it easy for all users, both mobile and desktop to access information about the organization.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.05.26 AM


IMG_1971Lauren Sweeney is the owner of Dotted Line Collaborations, a highly connected and collaborative boutique firm that can connect the dots for your brand.   At Dotted Line, we connect the dots to build the best team for your needs and connect the dots between your brand and your customer.



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