Choices. The retail space is filled with them; from ice cream varieties, to shoes, to cleaning supplies and even socks. As a consumer how do we choose the brand of goods we want to purchase? And as a marketer how do you stand out?

While some brands differentiate on price or superior quality, there is also a shift and a movement around brands that not only want to provide a great product but also be good stewards in their community. For each brand this means something different, but what is admirable is their drive to do good in a way that resonates and is impactful within their community.

I believe what we’re seeing is that a brand’s purpose is no longer limited to the goods and services it is providing but how it can stand for something that creates a human and emotional connection to the consumer in an authentic way.

Toms has been wildly successful with a simple mantra of One for One®. Newman’s Own was founded on two principles, one of which was that 100% of the profits would go to charity. And locally, here in Richmond, VA comfort restaurant earlier this year changed its model and decided to donate 100% of its profits to FeedMore, which provides meals and other food-related services to more than 200,000 people in central Virginia.

With an ever increasing bevy of choices, as consumers, how do we decide? For me, I do tend to lean towards brands with a purpose or cause. Whether it is supporting a local business, or a dish soap that gives back to wildlife rescue organizations or cleaning supplies that I know won’t harm the environment in which I live I can feel that I am doing something. Even if it is small, what if we all did something small towards a bigger purpose?

Each brand can find their purpose and work towards a model that brings that to life. In turn, by living their purpose, it will resonate with their customers to create both a fan and loyal customer.


Christie Hach is the Account Director for Dotted Line Collaborations, a strategic marketing firm focused on solving business problems with a fresh approach, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. When Christie isn’t helping our clients find their purpose and build their business, you can find her listening to live music or playing with her dog, Riley.