Building a Kingdom, Not a Castle: Our Journey to Fueling Passion and Finding Purpose

You often hear people say they started a company or organization because they had a great passion for a particular challenge.  It is one of the best parts of hearing the story of a company. However, how often does it seem that, with time, the founding leader focuses on building the organization and seems to lose passion and sight of a bigger purpose?

Dotted Line Collaborations turns four this year. The past four years have been an incredibly exciting – and equally challenging – time. At each stage, the challenges feel like bigger and bigger opportunities. And opportunities are good, right? Since starting Dotted Line, our focus has been on helping organizations grow their businesses in new ways. And that’s had me thinking: What does it mean for us to grow with purpose?

I’ve recently been reading Bob Goff’s book Everybody Always,and I was struck by his passion for people and purpose in every situation in what he calls “a world full of setbacks and difficult people.” Goff uses a compelling metaphor for intentionally building something that’s part of something bigger instead of just building something bigger because you can by using the example of Walt Disney World.

“Disney World is a place where no one uses big words and what anyone does for a day job doesn’t matter,” says Goff. “It’s a place without titles and status and where no one is stuck being who they were, unless they want to be. It’s where our imaginations get permission to go on all the rides and our fears aren’t allowed to take cuts in front of us anymore.”

Goff says, “Building a castle isn’t as hard as you think if you’ve got enough time, space and cash. We build impressive castles all the time.” He goes on to explain that building a kingdom is building with purpose. A kingdom starts with a deeper passion and a bigger purpose.

Being an inquisitive marketer, I often read that the next generation in the workplace wants to support brands and work for companies that align with their values. We’re all familiar with companies like Patagonia, whose purpose of helping the environment and doing no unnecessary harm fuels every business decision the company makes. In fact, when Patagonia realized the amount of harm growing cotton conventionally had on soil, air and groundwater, they replaced all of the conventional cotton used in their production process with 100 percent organic cotton, even though it was a more expensive option.

This month, we’re highlighting some of our clients who are growing with purpose because we deeply believe that your purpose should be the blueprints for your kingdom. It’s your Walt Disney World.  At Dotted Line, we believe our purpose is to build our clients’ brands with a deep commitment to their businesses and transformational creative thinking. We’re on a journey to realize our purpose with our work and help our clients discover new opportunities.

Won’t you join us?


"Lauren Sweeney"

Lauren Sweeney is the Founder and CEO of Dotted Line Collaborations, a full-service marketing agency solving big brand problems from our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. When Lauren’s not providing strategic direction for the firm or delivering results for our clients, Lauren is outdoors enjoying all that Richmond has to offer or traveling to a new and exciting destination.