Looking for the finest Southern hospitality Virginia has to offer? Look no further than Chesterfield, Virginia’s  Magnolia Green. Last fall, Dotted Line was excited to become the lead marketing partner for this premier master-planned community, owned by New York real estate investment group, iStar.

Over the past ten months, we’ve launched a fully integrated advertising campaign inspired by the campaign tagline, “South of the River”. You may have even seen the ads in the Richmond-Times Dispatch and Richmond Magazine.



Recently, the Dotted Line team headed “South of the River” to Magnolia Green– on what ended up being the hottest day of summer, to conduct our second branded photo shoot to capture images for a new series of ads we’re currently producing. You often see real estate advertisements that simply feature photographs of the homes. But for Magnolia Green, the images we capture are only the beginning.

To start, we develop a broad concept and theme for the new advertisement. Our ideas soon translate into mood boards, which, by outlining the look and feel of each shot down to the last detail, bring the concept to life.



Next, rather than hiring models to stand in as residents, we capture the authenticity of the community by recruiting actual residents to appear in our ads. Whether we make them the star of the show or give them a cameo role, featuring the residents of Magnolia Green allows us to use real-life imagery and portray the community in its truest sense.



With the photography captured, the ad is ready to go into production where artist, (and VCU Brandcenter Alum) Jonathan Hirsch applies a custom illustration to the ad that mimics the real-life photography concept.



By creating these custom-illustrated ads, we’ve been able to set Magnolia Green apart in a sea of sameness in traditional real-estate advertising – something that was much needed for a community so close in physical proximity to its competitors. Our custom ads for Magnolia Green not only feature the beautiful homes and charm the community offers; they also emphasize the vibrant lifestyle and pride residents have in living “South of the River”, taking this campaign from one of a million to one in a million.