The Power of Small

They say “Good things come in small packages” Babies. Diamonds. Ad agencies. After working at a big agency for 20 years and now working with a small firm, here are five reasons that I believe big brands should consider small agencies like Dotted Line.




1. We’re small but mighty.

Small agencies tend to have fearless leaders. If they have the guts to break off and start their own company, then imagine the guts they have when it comes to putting it all on the line to grow your brand. The owner of Dotted Line, Lauren Sweeney, has guts and gusto, and that fuels the company. Small agencies have strong cultures because the employees interact with the visionaries so often. And when a small, tight-knit group shares the same mission to grow brands in ways they never dreamed possible, big things will happen.



2. We get to wear a lot of shoes.

As a female-owned small company, we like to say that “we wear a lot of shoes.” Each of us is willing to do whatever it takes to make the company successful, so there are times we have to do things that might not be in our wheelhouse. This actually invigorates the team and gives people fresh perspective. And sometimes, a fresh perspective is exactly what you need to solve a brand challenge.



3. The clients get the perfect team.

You always want the best team working on your brand. The problem with a big agency is that there’s no guarantee you’re going to get the best players. Having a small agency means that we have the capability to build the best team for each game since we can’t keep all the players in-house. And without the constant overhead, we are able to keep our costs down.



4. We’re malleable and nimble.

A lot of big agencies have a hard time being nimble because of all their layers, processes, approvals, and roadblocks. We’re not held back by legacy business models so we’re free to reinvent ourselves as needed. We can respond and adapt to our clients’ needs while maintaining high creative standards.



5. We have big hearts.

Because we’re small, we’re able to have a more personal relationship with our clients. As their partner, we feel like we’re part of their marketing team. We truly care about our clients’ success, and, unlike big agencies, we don’t measure that success by awards. We measure success by how our clients feel, how their brand grows, how people respond, and how proud we are of the work.


Amy Elkin Chief Creative Officer Dotted LineAmy Elkin is the Chief Creative Officer of Dotted Line Collaborations. She loves to inspire and grow others—people, brands, and companies. Over the years, and with her past experience working for a global agency, Amy has created many award-winning integrated campaigns for clients including Hanes, Walmart, Moen and others. Amy’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal to name a few. When Amy’s not working on advertising, she enjoys working on large canvases in acrylic. Her husband and two children are a continual source of inspiration, and her two French bulldogs are a constant source of entertainment.


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