Meet Creative Director, Jay Adams, the creative brains behind the Pediatric Associates of Richmond campaign. As a parent of three, he has had plenty of insightful experiences to help him create the copy and visuals in this new work. Read more about what he thinks makes great creative storytelling, a creative director’s biggest challenge today, and who he admires in the industry.


  • What do you think makes great creative storytelling?


The best advertising tells a great story that resonates with those who listen to it. To get consumers to listen, great stories need to be based on great insights.


  • What is a creative director’s biggest challenge today?


Since the rise of social media, consumers’ attention spans have become extremely short. To break through, it’s important to produce work that is not only visually stunning but includes copywriting that uses persuasion in its most honest form.


  • How did you reflect on this as it relates the work for the Pediatric Associates of Richmond campaign?


As a parent of three, I had plenty of insightful experiences that helped me create the copy in the campaign. I then focused on creating visuals that felt more like art (and less like ads) by using props and typography that felt relevant to the target audience.


  • What changes are on the horizon for the advertising industry?


The industry will continue to evolve as technology continues to advance. Hybrid strategic and creative roles will be in high demand as agencies move away from the old traditional models. Multiple skill sets will no longer be the anomaly. They’ll be the norm.


  • What about your work do you find most rewarding?


Creating change for good causes has proven to be extremely rewarding. An example is the campaign I worked with DLC to create for Hanover Fire-EMS last year. The campaign helped dramatically increase the number of volunteer firefighter applicants, which ultimately resulted in creating a safer community for Hanover.


  • What do you enjoy most about the Pediatric Associates of Richmond campaign?


I thoroughly enjoyed working with a client who was very open to all of our creative ideas. It was also a fun campaign to create since I hand made the props used in the photography.



  • What was your first ever advertising campaign?


My first campaign was for Pizza Hut at the Martin Agency. We shot and edited five TV spots in LA, including one that ran right before kickoff of the 2010 Superbowl. It was a very challenging but amazing learning experience.



  • Who do you admire right now in the industry?


Two of my VCU Brandcenter classmates immediately come to mind: Julie Matheny and Charles Hodges. Julie, an Associate Creative Director at Droga5 in New York, has done some amazing work for Google, MailChimp and the New York Times and has brought home awards from Cannes and the One Show. Charles left his role as Group Creative Director at TBWA\Media Arts Lab to move back to Richmond and start his own agency Arts & Letters. He’s not only started a great agency but he’s managed to produce some great work for Google in the process.


  • Must-use app? Must-read blog? Must-listen podcast?


Funny, I’m very analog in my free time so I don’t have a good answer for this one. However, I spend a lot of time playing board games with my kids so I’ll recommend Clue since it’s currently a hot item in the Adams household. I suspect it’s Professor Plum with the Candlestick in the Lounge.