A look at the latest happenings behind the curtain at Dotted Line Collaborations.

1. O.P.P.O.R.T.U.N.I.T.Y is spelled S.W.A.M

With our recently awarded Small, Women, and Minority-Owned certification, we’re ready to take on the world – or at least Virginia business opportunities. #GirlPower



2. In The News

Check out Dotted Line’s Founder and CEO’s cameo appearance in a recent interview with MSNBC on female entrepreneurship. Tory Burch shares why she’s passionate about empowering women in business with the Tory Burch Foundation.



3. Love It. Wear It.

Spreading joy to the Drs. Duff and Cox practice with new branding and team shirts. Check out our latest work for this 50-year old dental practice on the blog.



4. Connect the Dots. Literally.

We practice what we preach. You may see one of our team members carrying around one of our custom notebooks and designs. We now literally connect the dots for your brand (and with our notes) at the same time.


5. Unleashing Brand Potential

We believe that the key to unleashing brand potential starts with uncovering the core of a brand in order to chart the path from what is to what can be. We’re digging into…

  • A beauty brand that is an incubator for style and creative entrepreneurship.
  • A construction company that is in the business of building trust.
  • A dental practice that is providing care beyond the teeth.