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After catching up on some rest over the 4th of July weekend, it was right back to work preparing for an event that our team co-hosted with Red Orange Design called, “Start Here. How to Win & Keep Customers”

Testing our abilities to be true “morning people”, we arrived at their Shockoe Bottom office bright and early where we were quickly energized by the smell of coffee brewing throughout the space. In addition to getting a caffeine fix, we decided we would help wake our guests up with another exercise we are particularly fond of.

Hanging on the walls throughout the office were posters with questions aimed to get people thinking about their business’ personal marketing strategy. Guests were encouraged to read each phrase and put one of three sticky notes on it if they felt it applied to their personal marketing plan. Red sticky notes were used if they felt their company was not currently doing it, yellow if they were unsure, and a green sticky note was used if they felt that their business was currently doing what the phrase said. For those of you at our Open House event…. Sound familiar?

SAM_0828 (1)

After getting the crowd warmed up and putting marketing on their mind, we launched into our conversation on Marketing Strategy. Here are a few of our big take-aways we shared:

+ In marketing, the promotion pieces the public sees are just one small piece out of a much larger strategic plan. Think of an iceberg, all you see above water is just the tip, however underneath, is a mountain much larger than what meets the eye. This is similar to your marketing plan. The public may see one piece, but there needs to be more depth to it make it truly successful.

+ There are three truths in marketing to implement a successful strategy:

1: Planning is a key step in the process

2: A successful strategy integrates a comprehensive brand, marketing, and sales process

3: No two companies should have the same strategy.


Coffee and Conversation

After leading a great discussion on these topics, we ended our presentation with the words of wisdom from our good friend, Taylor Swift: “It’s never too late to be brand new”. Overall, we had a great morning meeting new people, seeing familiar faces, and most importantly, sharing a little advice on the key to successful marketing strategies.




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