Don’t Forget the Marketing!

It’s typical for this time of year: companies are feverishly working to hit all of their annual goals while also beginning to plan for the upcoming year.  Leadership teams go offsite to spend time discussing how the company performed in the current year, the vision and goals for the organization, and selecting big priorities and initiatives for next year.  It’s a lot to cover!

What’s not so typical is for leaders to be talking about at this time of year is marketing.  Maybe you’ve already spent all of your marketing dollars.  And marketing doesn’t always seem to fit into the “strategic thinking” discussions at the offsite.

However, a good marketing strategy and plan are just as important as your product and servicing strategies.  Marketing is the key to getting the attention of potential customers and keeping the engagement of your existing customers.


At Dotted Line, we’ve developed an approach to talking about marketing strategy that we call “The Collaboration Experience”.  It’s a half-day session we host with key members of each company’s leadership team.  Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Customer profiles – clearly defining who your target audience is and how best to get their attention
  • Company differentiators – creating a crisp articulation of what sets you apart from your competitors; why should customers choose your product or service
  • Marketing priorities – where can you get the most bang for your marketing dollars


Dotted Line Opening-16


Coming out of these sessions, our clients have a much clearer idea of an optimal marketing strategy for their business and concrete steps to take to deliver against that strategy.  Not bad for the investment of a few hours of your time!

If you would like to talk about how DLC can help you with your marketing strategy for 2017, we’d love to speak with you.


dlc_o1l1134-editLauren Sweeney is the owner of Dotted Line Collaborations, a boutique firm that uses a collaborative, tailored approach to connect the dots for our clients. We’re small enough to be able to work with our clients on an individualized basis, but large enough in passion and experience to solve any creative problem.


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