Start Small, Go Big

It’s that time of year again. After the countdown is over and the champagne is popped, we set out to accomplish the resolutions we make for our self each year while thinking, “Wasn’t it JUST the Fourth of July?!” So on January 1st, we head out, hand over our paychecks to Lulu Lemon, join the gym and tell ourselves we are working out every day no matter what because that’s what we’re doing to make ourselves better this year.


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By now, we’re back to work and our calendars are filled to the max with back to back meetings and Domino’s delivery has quickly made its way on our speed dial. The workout clothes still have the tags on them, and we realize that getting to the gym every day is a little harder than we thought it was going to be. Every year, people set hefty goals for themselves, eager in the first week, and when other commitments get in the way, these large goals don’t always turn out as planned and we’re left gasping at our credit card statement.

Is this the same for your marketing? Is 2017 the year that you want to refresh your brand, invest in a new website, or design a new logo? Before diving in, stop right there. When establishing your marketing resolutions, think about what you want to accomplish, and set “micro-goals” for the new year.


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Starting small will help you take the first step to achieving lasting results and find the best solution that will work for you. Do you know your brand’s value proposition? Do you know what sets you apart from your competitors? Finding the answers to these questions is a great start to creating a marketing plan that will help you shape your goals and bring lasting results. Still wondering where to begin? At Dotted Line, we can help.

Our Dot Assessment is designed as a great first step in developing a marketing plan that is tailored to your business. We help you find the areas that need the most focus and develop a plan broken down in a manageable process that will help you see results and keep the motivation going beyond the new year. This year, when setting your marketing goals, remember starting small in the beginning will ensure large, lasting results!


dlc_o1l0160-edit Molly Lannon is a project coordinator for Dotted Line Collaborations. She uses her organization and communication skills to assist the team on their busy day-to-day schedules as well as managing the daily internal operations of the team. When she is not busy helping the team, she is always looking for a new Richmond restaurant to try or traveling to a fun concert with her family and friends. Dotted Line Collaborations is a boutique firm that uses a highly collaborative, tailored approach to connect the dots for top brands and companies.



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