Spotted and Dotted

“So, what is it that you do?”

This is THE QUESTION that I receive all the time. Regardless if I’m chatting friends, colleagues, parents, or the person that I just met at the neighborhood barbeque, I’ve heard a wide variety of misconceptions about what exactly a marketing team does.   To some, we are Don Draper staring out his office window looking [...]

Hire Smart: Agency vs. In-House Marketing

So, you’ve determined that you may need a little extra help with your business’ marketing plan. Whether you’re the business owner wearing the marketing hat, or you have a dedicated internal marketing team, at some point you may realize you may need some additional support. Whether it’s a new or improved website, a boost in [...]

How You Influence Your Brand

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to meet a long time role model and man of personal influence on my business and life: Dave Ramsey. While I grew up in a family that drilled Total Money Makeover into my head, I was really excited to hear Dave speak of his book EntreLeadership, which [...]

My journey with coffee

It’s pretty early this morning when I leave to head into work. I can see 7:25 am flashing on my car’s dashboard as I pull into the office.   As the first one into our small, but very appropriately decorated, office this morning, I immediately start opening up doors and turning on the lights. I [...]

The Dotted Line Collaborations Team Manifesto

The Dotted Line Collaborations Team Manifesto *Unapologetically inspired by guru, Seth Godin     Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Did we communicate that enough?   Assume positive intent.   Own mistakes. Fix them. Learn from them.   Always seek outside perspective. A broad network is better than a few smart people.   Respect the work, but don’t [...]

Start With Marketing Your Brand, Not Your Product

Did you know that your product and your brand are actually two separate things?  And marketing your product before your brand can be the difference between a good marketing strategy and a great one!   Lots of people start with marketing their product.  They focus on talking about features of their products or services or [...]

Do you know? Is it clear? And is it working?

Last week, our team hosted an open house event at Dotted Line Collaborations to show off our new workspace and help clients, friends and family “connect the dots” between their businesses and the current state of their brand and marketing efforts.     Needless to say, the night was a huge success. In between nibbling [...]

Client Success: Kevin Currie Group

Kevin Currie Group is a well-known realtor in the Richmond market. In the last year, his team has expanded in order to meet the pace of his increased growth. However, the look and feel of his marketing pieces didn’t match the level of service that he was providing to his clients. In addition to his [...]

Making Small Moves in 2016

By now (the last week in January), I’m sure you’ve read several blog posts entitled “Achieve Big Things in 2016” or “How to Make 2016 Count” or my personal favorite… “How to Train Your Brain to Keep New Year Resolutions."     However, this year, I’ve decided to do things a little differently. I was [...]

We Moved!

  Dotted Line Collaborations is following the common trend set by many young, growing families in the city of Richmond. We’re moving from the hip, cool downtown area to a larger (but equally as hip and cool!) space in the West End. Yes, we’re moving to the ‘burbs!   As we load and unload boxes, [...]

Beauty & The Beast, oh wait…Website Design & Functionality

  In the world of marketing, there seems to a divide between whether a website should be beautiful or functional.   Some agencies believe that a great website is one that’s functional, analytical, and sales-oriented. And while all of those elements are true, those same websites seem to lack a certain sense of appeal and [...]

Your 2016 Marketing Plan

Does your marketing strategy feel like this?       You might have a handful of new ideas, but sometimes, it feels like you are tossing balloons into the air when trying to put these ideas into motion.       Somehow, no matter how big or brilliant your ideas are, it feels like implementing [...]

Layering weather is just an excuse for more clothes

Understanding your target audience is one of the most important concepts when building a marketing plan. Time and again, we see friends and business partners who miss the mark on how they message or focus their efforts because they didn’t spend time getting grounded on their audience.     This ad, from the home page [...]

Giving Back

I’m incredibly inspired by those who are motivated to develop an innovative idea and work tirelessly to turn that idea into a customer.   Beyond this, I’m even more inspired by those who persevere against circumstances to do this, in hopes of improving their lives.   I have been fortunate enough to achieve my dream of [...]

Client Success: Purify

We just wrapped up a large project for a client of ours, Purify.  Purify is an infrared sauna and spa located in the Westhampton area of Richmond. We're excited to share an overview of the project on the blog today!     With the launch of a new retail space, Purify needed to immediately establish a strong [...]