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The True Business of Empowerment

September 18, 2017 Huffington Post The True Business of Empowerment By Lauren Sweeney The word “empowerment” has been getting a lot of air time lately. It’s become an easy term to get behind. But, if you ask me, it’s lost some of its luster recently. It’s easy to say you support empowerment without having to step [...]

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Are You an Opera Singer or Hard Rocker?

When you think of an opera singer and a hard rock singer, I’m sure you imagine two completely different voices. Both are singing but in very different styles. And those different styles attract (usually) very different listeners. Did you know your brand has a voice, too? Everything you send out – from marketing materials to [...]

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The Best Marketing Channel You’re Likely Ignoring

  What if I told you there was a huge marketing channel at your disposal with the ability to have more impact than Facebook and Instagram combined? And that that same channel was available to you for almost no incremental spend or effort? It’s also right under your nose. What is this glorious, almost mythical [...]

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What We’re Loving this Month: A Look Behind the Curtain at Dotted Line

We’re going to need more wall space! We made a few additions of new work to our office gallery wall. These frames not only add a little more color to the office, but they’re also a constant reminder of the talent our team possesses to unleash new brand potential.     Jump right in! You [...]

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Behind the Scenes at Magnolia Green

  Looking for the finest Southern hospitality Virginia has to offer? Look no further than Chesterfield, Virginia’s  Magnolia Green. Last fall, Dotted Line was excited to become the lead marketing partner for this premier master-planned community, owned by New York real estate investment group, iStar. Over the past ten months, we've launched a fully integrated [...]

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Mid-Year Marketing Evaluation: What’s Working, What’s Not?

  All too often, we wait until Q4 to think about how effective our marketing for the year has been. But by getting a jump-start right about now, you can increase your performance and get a clearer picture of how things need to change for the following year. In a world where agility and optimization [...]

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A look at the latest happenings behind the curtain at Dotted Line Collaborations. 1. O.P.P.O.R.T.U.N.I.T.Y is spelled S.W.A.M With our recently awarded Small, Women, and Minority-Owned certification, we’re ready to take on the world – or at least Virginia business opportunities. #GirlPower     2. In The News Check out Dotted Line’s Founder and CEO’s [...]


Creating Culture With Your Brand

  On a recent trip to REI, I was on the hunt for new hiking supplies and a birthday gift. Within the first few minutes of my entering the store, the most helpful associate appeared. He guided me to the exact hiking supplies I needed. I didn’t want to push my luck, but I told [...]

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From filling cavities to fulfilling a brand promise

The Challenge:  For over 50 years, Duff and Cox has been a beloved dental practice. They’ve provided care for generations of families, which is evidenced by their deep roots in the Richmond community. Because they focus on their patients, not their marketing, Duff and Cox’s branding did not reflect the excellent patient experience. One of [...]

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Content is the New Advertising

The term “content” is a buzzword that’s become popular in the last two decades, and lots of marketers have jumped on the content train. To us, it’s a term that’s overused and underdefined. We believe content is a story, message or experience that comes from a brand. It’s similar to advertising, but it’s designed to [...]

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