Spotted and Dotted

Building Brands with Purpose

Choices. The retail space is filled with them; from ice cream varieties, to shoes, to cleaning supplies and even socks. As a consumer how do we choose the brand of goods we want to purchase? And as a marketer how do you stand out? While some brands differentiate on price or superior quality, there is [...]

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Building a Kingdom, Not a Castle

Building a Kingdom, Not a Castle: Our Journey to Fueling Passion and Finding Purpose You often hear people say they started a company or organization because they had a great passion for a particular challenge.  It is one of the best parts of hearing the story of a company. However, how often does it seem [...]

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The Secret Sauce

Do you have a certain dish at a favorite restaurant or at family gatherings that you’ve come to know, love and crave? Maybe it’s an amazing main dish, a favorite type of cuisine, or an old-fashioned recipe that’s been handed down and is served only once a year. Have you ever wondered what makes it [...]

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Behind the Scenes with Hanover Fire-EMS

Did you know that Hanover county has one of the most successful volunteer and paid staffed Fire-EMS programs in the country? Volunteers and career staff work in unison undergoing the same advanced training and sharing one mission: to provide elite service with compassion for a safer community. In fact, volunteers save our local government millions of [...]

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Making the most out of snackable content

We’ve all heard it before – today’s world is more time starved than ever before. We’re overly connected; we’re working full time jobs with full time responsibilities at home with a fully packed social schedule on top of that. Think about if for a second. How often are you doing just one thing? If you’re [...]

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Innovation: More than Just a Buzzword?

Merriam-Webster defines the word innovation as the introduction of something new; a new idea, method, or device. Today, we see innovation coming at us from all angles. While Silicon Valley may be the first place to come to mind when you heard the word innovation, it certainly isn’t the last.     Fast Company recently [...]

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Ad Rewind: 2017’s memorable advertising

Richmond BizSense Ad Rewind: 2017’s memorable advertising and marketing moments By Jonathan Spiers From wind sprinting and yoga posing chia bars, to slow drawing sloths and “awful” Cobb Technologies coworkers, Richmond’s advertising industry gave us lots to look at in 2017. It was a year that saw CarMax go “all in” for a used car in [...]

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When All Eyes Are on You, How Do You React?

  Three takeaways for all marketers from Super Bowl LII     It Matters Where It Comes From As marketers, we know that having a strong brand identity comes from living your brand’s mission, values and voice. Knowing who you are as a brand is an important part of selling what makes you unique. You’ve [...]

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Lauren on How-Tos and Not-Tos for Cause Marketing

  At first glance, cause marketing can seem straightforward: choose a cause, broadcast support of said cause, and watch brand loyalty increase. On paper, this plan should work. Millennials are 49% more likely to purchase from brands that align with causes, and 55% of people are willing to pay extra for products and services from [...]

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Skydiving 101: Take the Leap with Your Branding & Marketing

Everyone knows the expression “no risk, no reward.” But when it comes time to make a daring brand or marketing decision for our own company, we immediately act like someone has asked us to jump out of a plane. We retreat and stay in our safe zone. “Let someone else do the jumping!”   But [...]

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