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The Difference Between Good Marketing and Great Marketing

Envision the following scenario: Your company has hired a firm to create a new brand and marketing strategy. The firm delivers an innovative strategy grounded in thoughtful research and insight. It results in renewed energy and excitement around your marketing. But while your team loved the initial concept, as it’s translated into print ads, digital [...]

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Why Content Strategy Matters

  Let’s talk about content strategy—and why content strategy matters. In the late 1990s, Bill Gates told us “Content is king.” While he was right, and content has continued to evolve as an essential cog in the marketing machine, there’s more to it than that. Today successful companies understand content must be paired with an [...]

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Creative Candor – Ensuring Our Success as Marketers

  A popular topic in recent marketing news is confusion within organizations, particularly among the C-Suite, about the role and importance of marketing strategy teams and their leadership. Harvard Business Review recently published an article (“The New Pressures Facing CMOs and How to Overcome Them”) based on a study by Spencer Stuart that shows an alarming number [...]

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Data & Our Connection Economy

  If you’ve heard of marketing expert and author Seth Godin, you’re probably familiar with his thoughts about marketing in our new economy. According to Godin, we’re no longer an industrial economy; we’re a “connection economy.”   Godin asserts that this shift has created a cluttered world in which your target customer is drowning in [...]

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Dotted Line Announces Brandcenter Partnership

Dotted Line Collaborations announces a new program in partnership with VCU’s Brandcenter called Launchpad.  Launchpad hires two select graduate level students who are craving work experience while also finishing their studies and provides them with valuable client experience in the short-term.  2019 Launchpad team members are Katrine Limseth (UX, 2019) and Cait Russell (Strategy, 2019). [...]

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How to Use Data to Provide Insights and Enable Action

  In today’s world data continues to be readily available with more and more of it at our fingertips. It comes in many forms and reports; AdWords, Google Analytics, media partners’ dashboards, and the list can go on and on. With the volume of information and the speed of its acquisition, the question is how [...]

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Trend Watch: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Trend Watch: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words   With 80% of American adults carrying smartphones in their pockets, the phone is becoming a pivotal tool to connect with consumers.  From generating branded content to intercepting your audience at point of purchase, you better be ready to roll with your customers’ camera roll.   [...]

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Connecting with a Brand in a Surprising Way

The Magic Foam Experience: Connecting with a Brand in a Surprising Way   As marketers, a question clients always seem to ask us is what else could we be doing? Something different, something creative, something outside the box? Someone once told me that there is no box, meaning never limit your creativity and ideas, always [...]

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Dotted Line Named A Top Marketing Firm in Richmond

Each year, Richmond Biz Sense presents a list of top advertising, marketing and public relations firms in the Richmond area.  This year, Dotted Line Collaborations was added to the list as a top marketing firm in Richmond. Find full list here.

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Dotted Line Welcomes Christie Hach

  Christie has joined the Dotted Line team as Dotted Line Collaborations' new Account Director.   Coming from Barber Martin Agency, Christie brings with her more than 10 years of experience in the advertising industry, working with clients both large and small (nTelos Wireless, Cato Fashions, Adolf Jewelers), national and local (sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt, [...]

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