Spotted and Dotted

Where Do All Those Virginia Lovers Live?

    When the Dotted Line team stepped into Welcome Center of Chesterfield County's fastest growing master-planned community for the first time, we discovered all those fabled Virginia Lovers are living in Magnolia Green. And for quite a few good reasons! Last Fall, we were excited to become the agency of record for this premier [...]

Crossing the Finish Line to a Winning Campaign

You may not know this about me, but when I’m not taking care of clients as Dotted Line’s Marketing Manager, I’m an avid marathon runner. Last month, I ran my 10th marathon as part of Disney’s Dopey Challenge (48.6 miles over 4 days…I know, yikes…) and next month I’ll be running in my first ever [...]

Into the Wild…of Collaborative Marketing

  We have always enjoyed hiking in my family.  We’re fortunate to have many great hikes within close proximity to us here in Richmond.  However, it’s easy for something that you do frequently to become a routine. There is one particular hike that my husband, stepson and myself have done numerous times. We know every [...]

Lauren’s New Year’s Revelation

The past year has been one of tremendous growth and change for our team.  We continued to collaborate with our clients to take on bigger and more complex marketing challenges.  Concurrently, we worked to shape our internal company culture.   (Look at our Dotted Line 2016 Year in Review to see we really do practice what [...]

Start Small, Go Big

It’s that time of year again. After the countdown is over and the champagne is popped, we set out to accomplish the resolutions we make for our self each year while thinking, “Wasn’t it JUST the Fourth of July?!” So on January 1st, we head out, hand over our paychecks to Lulu Lemon, join the [...]

AnecDOTes: A look behind the scenes at Dotted Line Collaborations

Wondering what the Dotted Line team has been up to lately? No, we did not hibernate for the winter. (Albeit some of those mornings in the teens had us considering the idea…) Instead, we spent the close of 2016 delivering great work for many of our clients.     The holidays are the most wonderful [...]

Dotted Line Welcomes Amy Elkin As Chief Creative Officer!

2016 was certainly a year of growth for Dotted Line, not only for our clients but for our team! We helped brands grow their businesses both strategically and creatively, and we couldn’t have done it all without our new Chief Creative Officer Amy Elkin. Amy comes to Dotted Line after spending the first 20 years [...]

Our Lil’ Wins

At the Dotted Line office, our Monday mornings are pretty routine. We come in, get the Keurig up and running, catch up on each other’s weekends, and then settle in for project status updates. For months, at the end of each update meeting, every team member shared a personal goal that he or she wanted [...]

Don’t Forget the Marketing!

It’s typical for this time of year: companies are feverishly working to hit all of their annual goals while also beginning to plan for the upcoming year.  Leadership teams go offsite to spend time discussing how the company performed in the current year, the vision and goals for the organization, and selecting big priorities and [...]

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

I’m sure you feel it too: wherever you turn, there’s a constant bombardment of digital marketing.  Some of it is obvious marketing (the latest item you were researching on Amazon mysteriously shows up on your news feed).  Some of it is less obvious (yet another video on Facebook showing you how to make some tasty [...]

Client Success: UnBoundRVA

UnBoundRVA is a nonprofit organization in Richmond that supports aspiring entrepreneurs from low-income communities by providing them with the path to owning their own business. Since its founding, UnBoundRVA has provided many talented, local individuals with the chance to not only pursue their dream but create jobs throughout the community. With the organization’s growth, UnBoundRVA needed [...]

Start Here.

After catching up on some rest over the 4th of July weekend, it was right back to work preparing for an event that our team co-hosted with Red Orange Design called, “Start Here. How to Win & Keep Customers” Testing our abilities to be true “morning people”, we arrived at their Shockoe Bottom office bright [...]

“So, what is it that you do?”

This is THE QUESTION that I receive all the time. Regardless if I’m chatting friends, colleagues, parents, or the person that I just met at the neighborhood barbeque, I’ve heard a wide variety of misconceptions about what exactly a marketing team does.   To some, we are Don Draper staring out his office window looking [...]

Hire Smart: Agency vs. In-House Marketing

So, you’ve determined that you may need a little extra help with your business’ marketing plan. Whether you’re the business owner wearing the marketing hat, or you have a dedicated internal marketing team, at some point you may realize you may need some additional support. Whether it’s a new or improved website, a boost in [...]

How You Influence Your Brand

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to meet a long time role model and man of personal influence on my business and life: Dave Ramsey. While I grew up in a family that drilled Total Money Makeover into my head, I was really excited to hear Dave speak of his book EntreLeadership, which [...]