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We are evolving.

You may have noticed some changes taking place at Dotted Line. We’ve taken the jackhammers to our space, and we’re wiping the slate clean with a new look all around. The short story is we’re evolving. And we’re doing it so we can better live our purpose and serve our clients.   We believe the [...]

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9 Secrets to Successful Content Marketing

Strong writing may be the core of successful content marketing, but it’s just the beginning. The real secret sauce is in your content marketing strategy. Strategy brings your writing to life in a way that’s meaningful to your audience. Without content marketing strategy to fuel it, even the best writing is just words on a [...]

9 Secrets to Successful Content Marketing2019-06-11T16:44:41-04:00

Improve Your Brand by Improving Your Leadership Skills

Improve Your Brand by Improving Your Leadership Skills A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending EntreLeadership Summit 2019, a three-day conference in San Diego. And while the California weather was refreshing and invigorating, what really made an impact and started my wheels turning were the stories and messages from the speakers. [...]

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A Tribute to Mom

A Tribute to Mom This Mother’s Day, I have the joy of celebrating being a new Mom. Those who’ve been on the journey with us at Dotted Line know this is a big milestone for me. And, boy, does the first few weeks of being a Mom make you appreciate your mother!   Welcome to [...]

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Why Being a Customer-Centric Company Is So Important (and So Unique)

Why Being a Customer-Centric Company Is So Important (and So Unique) We’ve all heard the old adage, “The customer is always right,” and I can bet we’ve all pointed it out at least once when we were disappointed in a product or service. In my own recent experience, I jumped on Twitter the minute my [...]

Why Being a Customer-Centric Company Is So Important (and So Unique)2019-04-29T14:24:44-04:00

Storytelling in Marketing

Storytelling in Marketing  In today’s fast-paced world of social media, where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, capturing your audience’s attention in unique ways is increasingly important. Brand storytelling is using a narrative to connect your brand to your audience with a focus on linking what you stand for to the values you share [...]

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Top 5 Marketing Takeaways from the High Five Conference

Top 5 Marketing Takeaways from the High Five Conference © 2019 Kevin Seifert Photography Where can you learn, laugh, and perfect your high-five technique? (Hint: It’s all about the elbows.) At High Five! The High Five Conference is an annual adventure in marketing mind expansion conceived by the Triangle chapter of the American Marketing Association [...]

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Technology, Attention Spans, and Content

It’s hard to imagine a world without technology. No internet, tablets, smartphones or laptops. While many of us do remember the days without these tools, Generation Z hasn’t known a world without having technology at their fingertips. The question is, are all these gadgets, resources and a constant connection of being 'always on' helpful or [...]

Technology, Attention Spans, and Content2019-03-25T14:04:45-04:00

Q&A: Dotted Line’s Creative Storyteller

Meet Creative Director, Jay Adams, the creative brains behind the Pediatric Associates of Richmond campaign. As a parent of three, he has had plenty of insightful experiences to help him create the copy and visuals in this new work. Read more about what he thinks makes great creative storytelling, a creative director's biggest challenge today, and who he [...]

Q&A: Dotted Line’s Creative Storyteller2019-02-25T16:18:32-04:00

The Possibility of New

  The Possibility of “New”   The end of the year is always a hustle of activity. Teams are finalizing strategic imperatives. The pressure is on to lock down budgets for the new year. All this while we’re trying to cram in every holiday celebration we can between the Thanksgiving turkey and New Year’s Day. [...]

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